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Local Heroes to be Honored at Impact Quincy Event

Local Heroes to be Honored at Impact Quincy Event

QUINCY — Ten local heroes will be recognized next week for being strong advocates for the prevention of substance abuse.

Impact Quincy will present the awards at 2 p.m. Friday, Dec. 11.

Impact Quincy creates and supports community collaborations aimed at promoting and sustaining a drug-free community.

The honorees:

Kathy Deady and Capt. Dale Freeman, Founders of End Drug Abuse Now and members of the Quincy Drug Task Force. They have raised awareness of substance abuse and addiction in Quincy.

Nancy and Steven Holler and Marilyn Lumaghini, community members of Impact Quincy, and Robyn LaFrance and Lynne Conley of Impact Quincy and the Quincy Drug Task Force. They have been active participants in the work of Impact Quincy Coalition. Nancy is also a founder and board member of EDAN as well as a previous member of the Drug Task Force.

Kevin Glennon, another Quincy Drug Task Force member. He is developing a Web site for the task force.

Isabel Ventre, a former coordinator of educational services for homeless students for the Quincy school system. She has raised community awareness of homeless children.

Robert Harding, a youth activity organizer. He has organized monthly dances at the First Church of Squantum for hundreds of students, giving them an alternative to drinking.