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Prevention/Intervention Services

Prevention Services

Impact Quincy

Quincy (617) 471-8400 x127

Impact Quincy (IQ), a program of Bay State Community Services, founded in 1991, is a community-based coalition consisting of educational, health, law enforcement, religious, professional, and business organizations dedicated to fostering an environment which strengthens communications and relationships within the community.

IQ provides opportunities for the creation and support of community collaborations which promote and sustain a drug-free community and healthy living. This collaboration with key members of the Quincy community is invaluable to IQ’s efforts.

IQ is funded by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Bureau of Substance Abuse Services, the Tobacco Control Program, and by the Office of National Drug Control Policy, SAMHSA-Drug-Free Community Program.

IQ is currently working on five initiatives:
–┬áBSAS Underage Drinking Prevention
–┬áDrug Free Communities (DFC)
– Greater Boston Tobacco-Free Community Partnership
– Massachusetts Opioid Abuse Prevention Collaborative (MOAPC)
– Partnership for Success II (PFSII)